Bernie (barankhy) wrote in pr0nath0n,

Minerva/Athena, Diana/Artemis, Zeus/Jupiter, NC-17

"Oh, Athena, we really shouldn't," Minverva sighed as she turned her head away coyly, and Athena's kiss landed on her cheeck instead of her lips.
"Why not? We're basically clones, so that counts more like masturbation than incest," Athena purred seductively. "And really, who cares, when instead of caring, we could... sway our bodies together? Cling together? Breathe together?" As she talked, her hand slowly descended across Minerva's upper body, down her stomach, until it landed right on Minerva's clit with her last words.
The Roman goddess let out a moan. "Nooo, don't...!" she cried out with lust.

Diana slowly raised her head from between Artemis' legs. "Oh, just go with it," she smirked, "You'll forget all ramifications."
"Get back down there," Artemis growled.
"With pleasure!"

As Zeus and Jupiter watched from afar, they sighed. "You think they'd let us join?" Zeus asked hopefully.
"I doubt it," came Jupiter's reply.
"So... do you wanna... make out?"
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