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PoP3 slash - Coma

(Is this regular slash, incest, or just complex masturbation?)
Little bit spoilery... except for, you know... the sex part. That didn't really happen ;_;

There was something he had to do. Something urgent, something he really should have done ages ago… at least, it felt like ages. It was ironic; he seemed to have lost all sense of time.

The cushions and silken sheets felt like liquid around him, and the vivid colours of the room blurred, details swimming and dissolving, a warm Indian breeze lifting the fine, flowing curtains and stirring the balmy, claustrophobic air.

There was something he was forgetting. But it was so hard to focus, when hands like claws were raking his back, and skin like ashes was pressed so close and slick against his own, and eyes like far away blazes were searing into him like that. When his lips were at his ear, and his voice, like blades and sand and velvet, ordered him, instructed, told him what was best.

Hot breath ghosted over his jaw and the side of his neck, and the other, his other half, was more tangible than he had ever been. He arched his back, closing his eyes for a moment. Opened them.

Open his eyes. There was something… but he couldn’t recall.

“Something wrong, prince?” The tone was mocking, as usual; feline, amused, and smooth as dripping honey.

He paused for a moment, letting his head fall back onto the slippery sheets. “I thought…”

“Yes?” A forked tongue, flicked with expertise the prince never knew he possessed; he squirmed and bit his lip.

“No,” he said. “Nothing.”

The other smiled, a slow, snakelike smile. “Good boy,” he said.
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