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A 4 A.M. Thought

Title: Think Of Yuuki
Author: L.A. from L.A.
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Word Count: 445
Warnings: Slash, Rape, Masterbation, Oral, Anal, Minor with Adult (sort of), Blood, Language (teensy bit)

--This is my first slash and second fanfic. Hopefully not so noticable. XD--
--May Cross Post--

Kaname grabs Zero’s neck from behind.

“I can make you a Normal Vampire and not fall to E Class.”

“Unless you saved a vial of Shizuka’s blood, don’t fuck with me.” Zero struggles to get free. Only causing Kaname to tighten his grip.

“Her blood is in mine. If you drink it, it would be like drinking hers.”

Kaname slides his other hand down Zero’s side and around his butt, cupping one cheek.

“But there’s a price to pay,” he says, raspy against Zeros neck tattoo.

“You’re sick!”

“Think of Yuuki. How can you protect her if you’re E Class? I told you, she’s in your charge for now. You’re the only one that can protect her.” Sliding his hand into Zero’s pants, grasping his penis.

Zero suddenly bursts free and twists himself around only to find Kaname has thrown him against a wall and pinned him there.

Kaname rips open Zero’s pants and starts stroking his penis. Dead stare into Zero’s eyes.

“Stop this. Stop!”

Stroking faster.

“I’d rather die!” He screams, somewhere between agony and pleasure.

“You selfish fuck! Yuuki needs you.” Stroking even faster. Twisting off the tip. Until, finally, Zero comes, squirting all over Kaname’s hand.

Sickened by what has just happened, Zero slouches down, his back against the wall.

Kaname unzips his own pants and coats his penis with Zero’s semen. Pulls down Zero’s pants, letting them fall to the floor. Quickly turns Zero around and glides inside him.

Zero grimaces in discomfort though finds himself immobilized.


“All you ever think about is killing us.”


“Exterminating us.”

Thrusts harder.

“Disgusted by us.”

Thrusts even harder, squishing the side of Zero’s face against the wall and pressing against his collar bone.





“We come.”

Thrusting faster, harder. Zero feels as though his clavicle is cracking each time.

“Near you.”


“You touch.”


“That gun.”


“Of yours.” Kaname groans out as he comes inside Zero. Shuddering against his back.

Turning Zero around, “I didn’t make you. But I can make you better.”

“There’s nothing better about staying a vampire,” a breathy voice struggles to say.

“You never learn.”

Kaname slits his own wrist with his finger nail. Grabs Zero’s jaw. Forces his mouth open. And lats his blood trickling inside him.

Zero refuses to swallow. Kaname, seeing this, than goes down and starts sucking on Zero’s penis. Kneading his balls. Penetrading his fingers into Zero's anus. Faster and harder. Until Zero can nolonger stand it. Shattering against the wall. Groans drowning in Kaname’s blood. Trickling down his throat.

Wiping Zero’s semen from his lips, Kaname stands up, face to face with Zero.

Think of Yuuki.”
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