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Opened A Can Of Worms

Title: Hunger
Author: L.A. from L.A.
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Word Count: 499
Warnings: Rape, Oral, Underaged Sex, Biting

--May Cross Post--


Deep, piercing stare. His eyes have flooded with red.

Zero pushes Yuuki back, biting into her deeper. She quivers, feeling the chill of even more blood loss.

Still not enough! This hunger is too much!

Zero lifts Yuuki’s leg, bringer her higher up the wall. Slides his hand up her thigh, to her crotch. His fingers move her panties to one side as they tickle her folds, searching for the opening.

“Zero-Zero!” Shocked. She can’t believe this!

Yuuki struggles to get free though he’s too powerful. “What are you doing?!!”

Bites into her again. Sliding his finger up and down. From clitoris to opening. Fingers penetrating deep inside only to glide out and up to circle her clitoris and slide down again.

“St-stop!” How can he do this?! He’s like a brother!

The sudden stop gave Yuuki hope Zero had come to his senses. Though instead of letting her go, Zero unzipped his pants, bringing out his penis. Guiding it into her and thrusting her even higher up the wall.

NOOOO!!!!! This isn’t how it’s supposed to be! Yuuki tries again to get free. It burns! Zero bites down. Gyrating. Thrusting. Slurping up the blood.

Finally, unbuttoning her shirt. His fingers sliding across her nipple, over the bra, knocking it repeatedly as they slide by. In a sudden movement, Zero rips the bra strap free, exposing her breast. Lifts her higher.

Yuuki grabs hold of his arms, locking hers in place, trying to keep her distance. Zero leans in, grazing her nipple with his lips and nose. Inhaling deeply. Yuuki tries to knee him. But he’s too close. His tongue circling her areola. Sucking on her nipple as his tongue keeps circling. He bites down. Sucking and lapping up the blood.

Yuuki hunches over. Exhausted, in shock. Zero puts her on the floor. Lifts her leg up, across his face, biting her calf. Yuuki twitches. He lets her leg down and crawls over her. Opening his shirt as he bites down on her neck once more. Her eyes widened, not knowing what to do. Penetrating her again and again. Sucking out every bit of blood he can.

Slowly he moves down her body. Stopping at her vagina where streams of blood have trickled out, down her thighs and anus. Takes a good whiff before diving in. Licking it all up. Following the taste of blood. His tongue reaches inside her vagina. Twisting around. Diving deeper, as far as his tongue can reach. Scraping out a blood and semen cocktail.

Hunger finally subsiding. Zero sits back against the wall. Feeling refreshed, his head clearing. He notices blood on the wall. Looks up and is shocked to see stains and tricklings of blood above him. Moves his hands only to feel liquid around them. His eyes move down to see him sitting in a puddle of blood stemming from Yuuki’s motionless body. Her clothes in tatters. Bringing his hand splayed across his face.

“Oh, god, what have I done!”
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